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Styling the High-Lo Hemline

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Styling the High Lo Hemline - Femme Connection

The High-Lo hemline - also known as the ‘Mullet’ hemline - has been taking the fashion world by storm. If you haven’t come across this trend yet, it involves a hem line that is short at the front, and long at the back. This creates a very flattering piece and provides an interesting and different focal point! Styling these pieces is fun and easy, so we have listed our favourite mullet pieces for you to browse.

The Winter Staple

The high-Lo look may seem tricky to wear in winter, but never fear! Our Oversized Sweater is the perfect winter piece, as the hemline ensures maximum warmth is kept in.

Styling the High Lo Hemline - Oversized Sweater - Femme Connection

The Hi-Lo is quite extreme in this sweater, which is a great way to make a statement without having to put in much effort or thought! Black is a great option for wearing with any of your existing pieces – it will look great paired with many colours. The pink is a bit more unusual, so you will have to stick to plain coloured pants and accessories. We suggest wearing this gorgeous piece with your favourite jeans and sneakers!

The Formal Mullet

A High-Low hemline is perfect for a more formal event too! Worn as a dress, this is a very flattering and unique look. Our Lace Dress with Mullet Hem is perfect for your next night out.

Styling the High Lo Hemline - Lace Dress With Mullet Hem - Femme Connection

The gorgeous lace textured fabric is elegant and classic, and the sheer low back accentuates it’s intricate details!

The Floating Shirt

If you’re going for more of a boho style, the high-lo is perfect. The hemline is effortlessly cool, and instantly creates a floaty, breezy look. Our Long sleeve Hi Lo Hem Top does exactly this.

Styling the High Lo Hemline - Long Sleeve Hi Lo Hem Top - Femme Connection

It is relaxed and comfortable, and the hem pattern is completely unique! The delicate patterning adds some depth and symmetry making it the ultimate statement piece. We love this shirt with leggings or jeans.