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Small Bag, Big Impact

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Small Bag, Big Impact | Femme Connection

These days, all you really need is your phone, wallet and keys. So why do we bother with oversized, bothersome, frumpy bags? Introducing the mini bag – smaller, easier and more stylish! Using a mini bag puts much less strain on your neck and shoulders, which will do wonders for your posture and back. Not only are they lighter, they save you valuable time – no more sifting through all the unnecessary pockets and clutter in your oversized handbag. Use a mini bag casually day-to-day, or for a night out on the town. Check out our favourite mini bags below and find our favourite ways to wear them!

Tassel Front Bag

Small Bag, Big Impact - Tassel Front Bag | Femme Connection

Available in several versatile colours, this bag has a long adjustable shoulder strap, so you can wear it at the length that you like best. The tassel adds just the right amount of feminine flare and complements the patterned detailing. This bag looks great with your favourite casual outfit. Wear with jeans, a t-shirt, or anything you’re comfortable in.

Satchel Style Bag

Small Bag, Big Impact - Satchel Style Bag | Femme Connection

The Satchel style bag makes a statement with its unique shape. This rectangular bag fits your phone and purse and sits comfortably on your hip. Again, the tassels add a nice bohemian touch to the look. This bag would look great paired with a blazer and graphic tee!

Stud and Tassel Bag

Small Bag, Big Impact - Stud & Tassel Bag | Femme Connection

For those who like a little more action, the Stud and Tassel Bag is the perfect accessory. The tassels add some texture, and the studs create a cool, rock-chic look. This is the perfect night-time small bag, because it is glamourous yet practical. Pair it with your favourite dress and heels.

Chic Crossbody Bag

Small Bag, Big Impact - Chic Crossbody Bag | Femme Connection

This purse is the largest of our mini bags, but the narrow pouch style is still portable and easy. The laser cut pattern speaks to the trendy geometric look, yet still has a feminine feel. This neutral purse is monochromatic, so it definitely compliments a colourful outfit. Pair with a cosy red sweater, a yellow top, or maybe a colour blocked dress!